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What We Do

Adopt a Site

Various sites adopted around the island by volunteers acting as stewards of the land and sea

Graffiti Cleaning

Clean graffiti tags from urban and natural surfaces using biodegradable products

Litter Removal

Pick up trash and other debris at Hawaiʻi's various parks, trails, reefs, and beaches

Our Volunteers

I never really thought much about trash, but I liked the idea of taking responsibility for a park that brought me great memories. I commited to weekly clean ups as an 808 Cleanups Site Adopter. I never expected my efforts to have a ripple effect throughout the community!

Kristin Clark Speltz

( Site Adopter )

I belong to 808 Cleanups because while there are a lot of amazing groups that take care of our island in one way or another, 808 manages to decentralize and make it about YOU. Your beach. Your trail.

Mary Eileen

( Site Adopter )

Care for Hawaiʻi in whole, it is an amazing place to live. You can grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, you can catch fresh seafood, you can catch livestock, & enjoy the beautiful scenic views. The only thing it asks of us, keep it clean & respect it.

Enʻz Kaiu

( Volunteer )

I was looking for a passionate group to be part of to work with preserving our island life. It's rewarding and addictive as we cheer each other on in our cleanups, making new friends and memories, plus it's free, getting fresh air and exercise!!! My advice to everyone who still hasn't committed themselves to Just Do It and live Aloha :)

Judi Fenton Plumer

( Volunteer )

Our Sponsors

We need YOUR help keeping Hawaiʻi clean