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What We Do

Adopt a Site

Various sites adopted around the island by volunteers acting as custodians of the land.

Graffiti Cleaning

Clean tags and other graffiti from natural surfaces using environmentally sound practices

Litter Removal

Pick up trash and other debris at various beaches and trails on the island

Our Volunteers

I am here because I love nature, especially the ocean. I realize I have been taking from her but never really giving back. I feel that cleaning up the places I frequent helps me to do that and I also hope that I inspire others to do the same, starting with my own kids.

Mellisa S

Melissa S

( )

I belong to 808 Cleanups because while there are a lot of amazing groups that take care of our island in one way or another, 808 manages to decentralize and make it about YOU. Your beach. Your trail.


Mary F

( Beach Cleanup Coordinator Surfrider Foundation, Oahu Chapter )

As a trail leader for the last eight years, more and more trail litter and graffiti has shown up. No one should have to see trash in order to enjoy nature.


Jeremy G Barefoot Hiker

( Trail Leader )

Because it's the aloha spirit to Malama ke aina we call home even when others fail to.

Valerie P

Valerie P.

( )

Our Sponsors


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